Dinner Bell Farm is a local family farm growing chemical-free and sustainably-raised vegetables, herbs, and fruit, as well as pastured eggs and pastured pork. As a family, we started Dinner Bell Farm because we are committed to participating in a local, sustainable food system that is healthy for people and the earth. 

Our farm is a source of inspiration not only for what we grow, cook and eat, but also for how we live.


Farmers John & Stephanie 



Farmers Josh & Sarah




Growing vegetables and caring for the earth have always been core values in our family. Originally from southwest Florida (and Josh is from Pennsylvania), we all spent years as enthusiastic backyard and community gardeners. Plus, the whole family loves to cook and eat!

As our family grew to understand the impact of our food choices on the wellbeing of both humans and the environment, we decided to take our values one step - or one giant leap - further, moving to the land to start Dinner Bell Farm in 2015. 

By creating a sustainable, diverse farm, we are able to bring together our values of healthy food, healthy planet, and healthy community. We use natural practices to regenerate the land and grow delicious, nutrient dense food for our community. As farmers, this is the best way that we can care for the planet and future generations. 

Community matters to us - knowing each other’s names and building friendships, sharing welcome and hospitality, belonging together as partners in the farm. That’s why our main focus is our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)--a weekly veggie and egg delivery--as well as regular gatherings at the farm for our community to enjoy good food, good company, and the beauty of the land.

We value service to our local community. Excess produce is donated to SAFE, our local food pantry. Stephanie at Life Around the Table, nourishing community and conversation around food and faith. John serves on local farmer collaboratives. Sarah is working on several community engagement projects and Josh works at the Piedmont Land Conservancy, protecting our region’s natural lands, farms and waters for present and future generations. 

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