Pastured Chicken


Welcome to Chicken Corner

Hello, Nice to digitally meet you, I'm James. In replace of seeing your smiling face in person and shaking your hand, I put up this selfie of me and a chicken, aka the modern Covid approved digital handshake. 

Your Flockster

Up until quite recently, I spent my time roaming the country as a photographer, taking photos for tourism boards, and creating art projects. In this current situation, rambling about aimlessly seamed even less wise than it has in years past. So, I came back to the farm to grow some food.

Meat Birds

Since my Dad already has the veggies on point, I am creating a new product for Dinner Bell Farm. Chickens! It is my sincere hope that I can raise the best chicken you have ever eaten or at least one as good as my Dad's tomatoes.


Pasture Raised

In pursuit of the highest quality of life for us as well as the chickens, I'm raising these birds on pasture. That means they get to bask in the sunshine as a good chicken should. Every day I move their pen to a fresh piece of grass, which provides the healthiest conditions possible for the chickens and your meat.

Never Frozen

Can't beat fresh. These chickens are butchered the day you receive them.  Each batch of chickens is scheduled for a Saturday On-Farm Pickup. Your chicken will be packaged freezer ready yet never frozen from our coolers to yours.

Reserve Your Chicken

The first batch of 50 peepers are already poking around the pasture looking for bugs. These birds grow fast and will be ready for harvest sooner then you can say Cock a doodle doo. June 13th to be exact. Get in the digital line up today, by putting in a down payment on your birds. 


I am excited to bring you this new crop, and I hope you will enjoy eating them as much as I am enjoying raising them. 

Onwards and Upwards,