Do you appreciate:

  • chemical-free vegetables and nutrient-dense,
  • harvested at the peak of their freshness,
  • coming straight to you without days of transport,
  • from a farmer you know and trust?


Do you like to know that you are:

  • Helping the environment, the rural land and watershed that we all count on, by choosing your food from a sustainable farm?
  • Strengthening our local economy by supporting a small farm business?
  • Building a healthy community in Alamance County by building relationships with farmers and neighbors who lead, serve and give back to our community?


Would you enjoy:

  • Learning to eat seasonally, in tune with the natural, local harvest?
  • Simple and delicious ways to prepare both familiar and new vegetables?
  • Tips on how to use or freeze and preserve the bounty in a busy week?

We invite you to join us as we grow clean, farm-fresh food for your table, your family, your home.



The benefits of a CSA are receiving the best of the farm throughout the season and knowing your farmer, with the opportunity to visit your farm. You will receive the freshest, tastiest vegetables, herbs, and fruit. You’ll also be supporting a local farmer, contributing to positive soil and water care, and building a local food economy.

But a CSA is not the only way to carry out your values with your fork. The reality is that CSA is not a fit for everyone, and you shouldn’t feel bad if it’s not a match for you. We want happy CSA members!

CSA may be right for you if you can say “yes” to these statements:

My family is committed to supporting a local farmer.

I know that my upfront payment helps the farmers in my community plan, and allows them to grow quality produce all season long.

My family likes to eat homemade meals (at least sometimes each week!)

There are seasons in our lives when work, extracurriculars, travel, and family obligations can make it difficult to find the time or energy to cook at home consistently. We are committed to providing you recipes and resources for your success, but it’s up to you to know if cooking and eating at home each week works for you and your family.

My family is comprised of adventurous cooks and eaters.

We are willing to experiment with unfamiliar vegetables and eat a wide variety of vegetables over the course of the season. And we’re willing to try new recipes so we don’t get bored when we receive week after week of tomato and pepper varieties in the late summer.

My family is flexible about the produce we receive each week.

We are willing to accept the potential of some crops failing and some crops exceeding the amount expected. We know that we will receive a full share each week, but the contents will vary from week to week.

My family is willing to give our best effort.

Receiving a weekly CSA share takes a commitment to eat the veggies you receive each week. Depending on how you manage your weekly meals now, it may require more planning and intention than you are used to. Do you want to learn and incorporate this new habit into your life?

For those who value the story, the journey, and the farmer relationship behind the food, and learning to eat whole foods in season, joining a CSA can be a great option that can change the way you eat forever.

But there’s no shame in passing on CSA and instead buying weekly from a farmer’s market. We just want you to be in the right fit.

If you think you’re ready to take the CSA plunge, click below to sign up!