testimonial from csa members

What do you love about being a CSA member?

  I love trying new vegetables that I had not known of prior. The Shishito peppers were amazing! We received veggies that were different from what we would typically purchase and expanded our food experiences.  We also learned how to prepare different dishes and it was wonderful incorporating the veggies into our meals. I also appreciated receiving the weekly CSA email filled with updates and recipes.

Everything! The reasons are numerous! I get fresh local veggies from wonderful friends. I know where my food is coming from! John and Stephanie are wonderful and I look forward to seeing John when I pick up my bag. I love knowing that I’m supporting local farming! I love knowing my veggies are pesticide free! 

I love getting local, organic vegetables every week from a farmer that I trust. Farmer John has had us out to his farm to see his garden and explain his practices for producing great crops. 

How convenient or economical is our CSA?

  Having weekly delivery to the Elon farmers market was ideal for us! Also, the price for the CSA was more than fair, we felt we received an excellent value.

I saved a ton of time just picking up the bag each week. Rarely had to go to the store for more veggies. Very affordable as well.

They offer two pick-up locations within 10 minutes of my house-- one in Elon and one in Burlington. It is no hassle to grab our new bag once a week and it completely cut out our need to buy vegetables at the grocery store for 6 months. 

Convenience wasn't why I signed up for the CSA but early on I realized it was an added perk!

Other Testimonials


Some of the things I love about belonging to a CSA are supporting local farmers - keeps the money in the community, reduces transportation impacts (and carbon footprint), and hopefully works to keep development at bay and preservation of rural communities and culture.

We have participated in the Dinner Bell Farm CSA since its first season and are already looking forward to the 2020 season.  The weekly shares are quite substantial and so fresh and lovely.  If you receive a vegetable you have never eaten or do not know how to prepare, no worries, Stephanie provides simple recipes to help introduce the item.  Between Stephanie and Google you've got it covered.  We pick up our share at the farm in Snow Camp, which really feels like "farm to table".  We encourage everyone to take advantage of this wonderful farm right here in Snow Camp.

What do you love about our veggies?

  I love how the veggies were fresh and varied. It wasn't just the basics that we would typically purchase, but "new to us" veggies. Also, the portions were generous.

They are delicious and nutritious! 

They taste great! They come from just a few miles away and every week we get a diverse group of vegetables that have been freshly picked.

Why do you choose to support a local farm?

  Having the connection with our farmer and the direct link to how our food is grown is so valuable to our family. We were able to tour the farm and learn about all the steps Dinner Bell Farm takes to ensure we have healthy crops to enjoy and how they build and plan for the future. We are renters and do not have the option of in-ground garden beds so for us this is the next best option.

It is the right thing to do to support your neighbors who are caring for the environment and providing nutritious food for many people. It reduces your carbon footprint! 

What do you think new members would want to know?


Jump in and join the Dinner Bell Farm CSA! The veggies are excellent and Farmer John and Stephanie are genuine and authentic people. Each week the recipes sent were inspiring and we enjoyed learning about what was happening on the farm that week. The value is top notch and there are plenty of veggies for a family of two. We look forward to next seasons CSA!

You’ll be thankful that you chose Dinner Bell Farm!


What is CSA?

csa farm tour with farmer

CSA, short for Community Supported Agriculture is a local produce box direct from the farmer to you! It brings together community members and farmers in a relationship of mutual support based on a commitment to one another. Before the season begins, CSA members invest in a “share” of the farm harvest. Each week of the season, CSA members receive a weekly bag of fresh vegetables and an email newsletter with storage tips and recipe ideas, as well as news from the farm and invitations to farm gatherings and events.  CSA is a partnership - assuring the farmer a prepaid local market for the crops and providing members with the first and best the farm has to offer. 

This shared commitment helps ensure the survival of small farms, a local food supply, and agricultural land in our county. CSA is about supporting the local economy and learning to eat in season. It’s about joining together with neighbors who are committed to the health of our bodies, our community, and our land.

What to Expect in Your Weekly Share

summer csa veggies carrots squash beets tomatoes onions radishes

Our farm grows over 72 different varietues of vegetables, fruits and herbs. You will receive plenty of familiar standards accented by less common vegetables that maybe you have never tried before. That’s part of the fun!

Here are the vegetables, herbs, and fruit that we will be growing for you: 

Apples, arugula, Asian greens (pac choi, tatsoi), beets, broccoli and broccoli raab, cabbage, cantaloupe, carrots, collards, corn, cucumbers (slicing, pickling), eggplant, garlic, green beans, hakurei, herbs (cilantro, dill, fennel, parsley, basil, oregano), kale, kohlrabi. lettuce (red, green, butterhead, oakleaf, romaine), lettuce mix, okra, onions (scallions, red, yellow), peas, peppers (colored bells, shishito/manganji, cayenne, habanero, jalapeno, thai, poblano, banana), potatoes (yellow, red, purple, fingerling), radicchio, radish, southern peas, spinach, squash (summer, zucchini), Swiss chard, strawberries, tomatoes (heirloom, Cherokee Purple, Principe Borghese, slicer, cherry, Sun Gold, Amish Paste), tomatillos, turnips, watermelon, winter squash (butternut, acorn, delicata, spaghetti).

See Photos of Sample CSA Shares Below!

Recipes & Resources for You


Each week you will receive our email newsletter including:

  • Updates and photos of the farm,
  • Recipes for easy salads, main dishes and side dishes,
  • Tips and tricks for how to store and prepare unfamiliar vegetables, and
  • Recommendations for quick and easy freezing and preserving techniques.

We send out our email newsletter a few days before CSA delivery, so that you can plan your weekly menu and shopping list. 

Our newsletters are catalogued on our website, so you can search them at any time!

Farm Gatherings


Farm members are encouraged to visit the farm to see things first hand. There will be family friendly events throughout the seasons - sharing a potluck meal together, a tour of what’s growing in the garden, meet the animals, and time to linger and enjoy the beauty of the land.

It is a lot of work to farm, so it is also necessary to have a lot of fun. Come be a part of fun on the farm!