Alamance Growers Group is a collective of farmers in southern Alamance County. Together we sell AND DELIVER a variety of products to Triangle restaurants. 

We offer vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, eggs, dairy, and meat through one simple ordering process for bi-weekly delivery to your restaurant.


We are committed to the highest standards of sustainable agriculture to grow our vegetables and fruit--meaning no chemical or synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. Everything is harvested at the peak of freshness and brought straight to you, without lengthy storage time, for premium flavor.

Pastured Eggs

Our eggs come from pasture-raised chickens that are grown with no hormones, antibiotics or animal by-products.


Our milk is processed using low-temperature pasteurization and is non-homogenized, causing the cream to rise to the top. Our cows are pastured on grass, fed GMO-free feed, and not given artificial hormones or antibiotics. Whole, low-fat, chocolate, and buttermilk options.

Pastured Meat

We offer various meats that are sustainably-raised on the optimum diet for their breed, including pasture-raised pork and grass-fed beef, lamb, and mutton.


We offer blue, gold, and pink oyster mushrooms that are grown indoors in a controlled environment, allowing us to provide local mushrooms year round. 


We make stocking fresh, seasonal products easy for you.

  1. Receive our availability list via email;
  2. Place your order;
  3. Receive your deliveries mid-week.

To receive our bi-weekly availability list, 

contact Sonya Weavil at 


Peaceful River Farm

Farmers: Larry and Lee Newlin

Location: Chapel Hill

T-5 Farm

Farmer: Randy Thompson & Family

Location: Liberty

Boy Wood Farm 

Farmer: Matt Ballard

Location: Swepsonville

Okfuskee Farm

Farmer: Bobby Tucker

Location: Siler City

Haw River Mushrooms

Farmers: Ches and Laura Stewart

Location: Haw River

Dinner Bell Farm

Farmer: John Campbell & Family

Location: Snow Camp

Ran-Lew Dairy Company

Farmer: Randy Lewis

Location: Snow Camp

Reverence Farms

Farmers: Suzanne Nelson & Family

Location: Saxapahaw